Detection Dogs

Bedrock supply all types of detection dogs, our dogs are incredibly intelligent and highly trained, which means they are extremely effective in finding a huge range of substances including oil, gas, electricity cables, although they are more commonly used to detect drugs, explosives, fire arms, cash and tobacco.

This is why they’re used by a wide range of industries and organizations such as educational establishments, sporting events, music festivals, secure locations, hospitality events, licensed premises, corporate locations and private residences.

Often, the mere presence of a detection dog can be an effective deterrent having an instant impact on the environment they are working in. Not only this but the use of sniffer dogs is quickly communicated verbally stopping illegal activity before it starts

Our detection dogs and handlers work effectively together and are trained to detect materials of interest and in situations that replicate the actual environments they work in. At Bedrock we believe in regular and continuous training to ensure optimal performance of both the handler and detection dog.

And, as you’d expect, all of our dogs are handled by highly trained personnel for assignments requiring the detection of explosives, firearms or drugs.