Static Security

The first concern of any businesses or event is the safety and security of the people, buildings and environment. Not only this but you’ll also be exposed to different types and levels of crime that may be specific to your location. For instance, urban areas tend to have higher crime rates due to the increase in people and exposure and more remote rural areas may be seen as an easy target. Wherever you’re located we can offer static security that will help mitigate your risk.

You can help to reduce this risk yourself by being alert and prepared at all times. However, this is easier said than done when you have the distraction of running a business. This is why organizations such as you turn to Bedrock for static security. We can offer a professional, round-the-clock static security service that works closely with your business so you no longer have to worry about it.

Whether you’re looking for static security for construction or demolition sites, your gatehouse or corporate premises you’ll always get highly trained and reliable security officers that provide a strong deterrent, have excellent exceptional customer service skills and more importantly who is capable of handling a situation and not just preventing it from happening