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Bedrock Holdings Ltd trading as Bedrock Security Limited provides professional and effective security solutions including Guarding and Dog Patrol; Mobile Patrol; Radio Alarms Installation, Maintenance and Back-Up; Cash-In-Transit; Motor Vehicle Tracking; Electric Fencing; CCTV Installation and Maintenance; and Security Consultancy.

To establish strong strategic alliances with our clients and government security agencies as the most preferred private security services provider.

  • Competence
  • Honesty
  • Intelligence and resources
  • Sound modern management practices
  • Technological advancement.

To be Private Security Services provider of choice in Kenya and Eastern Africa.

Bedrock Holdings Limited focuses on the needs of its customers to ensure that it provides quality, trained and professional security officers, and other electronic security solutions to meet the needs of individual clients. The mechanism for driving the quality culture is the maintenance and improvement of a QMS based on ISO 9001:2015 and ensuring compliance to all the standard’s and other applicable requirements.

  • To achieve this, the Company aims to:
  • Maintain excellent management support,
  • Provide industry compliant training and vetting,
  • Enhance strong and effective communication channels,
  • Ensure analysis of relevant data to drive process improvement.

BHL is committed to continually improve the performance of the quality management system. This statement provides a framework for establishing the quality objectives and will be reviewed and revised annually to take into account changes in the organization, customer requirements and Quality Management Practices. It will be communicated and understood at all levels of the organization and will be made available to external interested parties as appropriate.

Bedrock Holdings Ltd believes in delivery of excellence and total fulfillment of clients’ security and related needs; by best and motivated employees, in a secure, cordial and good working environment.

This informs our motto: Your Security, Our Business

We guarantee customer satisfaction by establishing Specific Assignment Instructions detailing job description of each guard with regard to his/her assignment of the day, and alarm response teams.

The company undertakes continuous training programs for its staffers in modern management tools and skills, special operational skills, customer service techniques and value addition.

This goes a long way in fulfilling our commitment to providing effective and efficient services to our clients.

The company has invested heavily on its personnel and administrative resources that qualify it to handle operational challenges that come with provision of both manned and electronic security solutions.

We regularly monitor the guards’ performance, advising and rendering appropriate support for their daily operations within our clients’ premises.

Our employees are the “bedrock” of our continued success. We attract and retain best talents, character, attitude, professionalism, discipline and diversity into our manpower for effective discharging of our duties to our clients and the general public.

Our security personnel deployed across the country are trained and continuously trained in fundamental security tenets and emerging (in)security trends.

Our personalized approach to clients and assignments means that we are able to get a deeper understanding of the specific needs, so we can match the right people and equipment to the right job.

We undertake both manual and electronic supervision as agreed upon with the client, or as security situation dictates. The supervisions are conducted by well trained, experienced and competent supervisors with accumulated experience and expertise acquired in the disciplined forces.

We are also in constant 24-hour communication with our Control Room using VHF portable radios and mobile and landline phones.

Senior Management Staff and Duty Officers also carry out impromptu spot checks on the supervisors and guards to ensure that all the security details and needs in all the assignments are satisfactorily addressed.

Our guards are trained by qualified and seasoned trainers using security syllabus approved by national and international security training experts and institutions. The syllabus covers the following topics:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Guard
  • Public and Employer Expectations (Customer Care and Public Relations)
  • Emergency Procedures (Fire Detection, Floods, Riots, etc)
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Liability Issues
  • Communications and Conflict Management

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